If you are looking for a Westcountry environmental holiday then come and visit Blagdon Water. Based in the West Country our holidays are environmentally friendly, offering a unique opportunity to observe lake and wetland wildlife undisturbed.

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Blagdon Water comprises 35 acres of rural countryside, set in the heart of the Westcountry. The environmental site is dedicated to providing a natural habitat in which the local wildlife is free to flourish without having to compete with the needs of modern agriculture.

Fifteen acres are set aside for the newly planted woodland of oak, ash, alder and rowan. This young woodland site, which remains undisturbed for most of the year, provides a natural habitat for field mice, voles and rabbits. These small animals can damage the young trees but their numbers are controlled by kestrels, barn owls and buzzards. It is a wonderful sight to watch a predatory bird hover silently, high overhead, as it prepares to swoop on its unsuspecting prey.

Spectacular surroundings

Spectacular sites

The remaining 20 acres is dedicated to open parkland of grass, gorse and rushes. Here the wild flowers, of the type associated with Culm Grassland, flourish in early summer. Butterflies abound in this rich natural environment. The lower parkland is bordered by a brook which meanders at the foot of mature oaks.

Broad bodied chaser. Natural habitat for wildlife

Natural habitat for wildlife

The 3 acre lake and surrounding wetland form the centrepiece of this environmental site. The lake is well stocked and the wetland provides a superb habitat for a diverse selection of wildlife. For those who like fishing there is great satisfaction to be had from landing a fighting fish while those who enjoy good food will savour the taste of organic rainbow trout.


Insects and plant life

What is an environmental holiday?

An environmental holiday can be many things to many different people ….. the bird life has been very entertaining, especially the pair of barn owls one evening with their spectacular aerial display and the grebe family outside our bedroom window.

Why is an environmental holiday in the Westcountry appealing?

Blagdon Water not only offers its own special fresh water environment but also places you within easy reach of some of the most diverse environments in the Westcountry, wild moorland environment or the species rich habitats of the north Atlantic coast.