Experience the joy of holidaying aboard a traditional canal barge moored on your own secluded waterway. No one passes by or asks to tie along-side for the night. The water around you, the craft under your feet and the shore to which she is moored are exclusive to you and all on board.


Relax as the countryside unfolds around you without the bother of motoring through crowded waterways. Sit quietly on deck and observe the birds navigate from wetland to open water, then take flight, or maybe not. It could be you share a bottle of wine on the foredeck, while in the background you hear the excited cries as another fish is landed for the BBQ. Someone prepares your private picnic area for supper while in the galley local farm produce is washed and passed ashore. The smell of burning wood fills the air and you know for sure that this is special. You are sharing a holiday that is so very different